The Directory of Artist-Run Centres and Collectives, v. 1, is now LIVE!

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The Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCA) is proud to announce the launch of the network’s first online directory.

The Directory is an online database of artist-run centres and collectives (ARCCs) from across Canada. Covering the breadth of the artist-run network and its distribution across the nine artist-run associations that make up ARCA, the Directory allows art professionals to locate centres using a variety of filters including location, type, discipline, and submission deadlines; A brief abstract, prepared by the centres and available in both official languages, provides an overview of the centres’ mission and culture. Searchable and frequently updated, the directory provides basic information, a location map, and links to individual websites and social media for easy access to each centre’s full scope of activities.

We encourage you to link your respective websites to the directory by using the banners: english, french, or bilingual, or simply by linking to it:

For the directory to be a useful resource, centres are encouraged to help keep the information current by updating submission deadlines regularly. Updates and corrections can be sent to info(at)arccc-cccaa(dot)org, quoting The Directory in the subjet line.

ARCA wishes to thank all participating centres for their collaboration in making this resource a reality and for helping keep it current.

ARCA acknowledges the financial support of Canadian Heritage for translation.

The Directory of Artist-Run Centres and Collectives

Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCA)