hot buttons.points chauds

ARCCO’s upcoming national conference will address the most pressing issues and concerns facing artist-run centres in Canada.


hot buttons / points chauds
November 7 to 10, 2008
Ottawa, Canada

Artist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario (ARCCO) is pleased to announce hot buttons / points chauds a national conference to be held in Ottawa from Friday, November 7 to Monday, November 10, 2008.

hot buttons / points chauds is a national professional development conference that aims to foster innovation and excellence in artistic practice, public engagement and organizational effectiveness. It builds on ARCCO’s history of creating a forum for lively discussion of the most current issues affecting artist-run centres and their audiences, and grows out of ongoing discussions with the national arts community stemming from ARCCO’s first national conference, Convergence, held in Ottawa in 2002.

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Why hot buttons?

Hot buttons are issues that elicit strong emotional responses or reactions. They are indicators of where change needs to occur most and identify the challenges that artist-run centres face within Canada’s cultural eco-system.

The hot buttons / points chauds conference will provide a stimulating forum that will generate dialogue and debate on critical issues facing artist-run centres in Canada right now, such as:

  • Are artist-run centres (ARC’s) successfully interacting with the younger generation of artists? Do ARC’s serve the needs of newer artistic practices?
  • How do ARC’s most effectively reach out to new audiences, increasing public awareness and appreciation?
  • Is the relevancy of artist-run centres changing in today’s cultural landscape? More importantly, are we adapting to the change?

hot buttons / points chauds will introduce participants to an impressive and diverse range of panelists and keynote speakers who are at the forefront of artist-run culture today. The conference will also provide a rare opportunity for artists, curators and administrators to network at a national level throughout the conference, with break out sessions and a series of evening events, creating the potential for future partnerships and programming exchanges. Following the conference, delegates from the artist-run centres in Canada will be invited to a national meeting with ARCCC-CCCAA.
Who should attend?

Artists, curators, cultural workers, teachers, students, staff and board members of artist-run centres, as well as public and commercial galleries working with contemporary art and artists.

Download the schedule [.pdf]

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