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Membership Categories and Criteria

ARCCO offers 3 levels of membership, to serve the varying needs of the Ontario artist-run centre community. Our core membership includes established artist-run centres that have historically received public support, as well as other organizations, collectives, and community non-profit organizations engaged in artist-directed activity.

ARCCO Membership is open to collectives, centres and societies, whether incorporated or not, which are:

  • not-for-profit, artist initiated and controlled;
  • who support the payment of artist fees;
  • who support equal access for all; and
  • whose application for Full Membership has been accepted and approved by ARCCO and its Board of Directors.

Full Membership

Full membership is for artist-run centres and collectives that are committed to paying artist fees, based in the province of Ontario, Canada. Full Member organizations must fit within the definition of an Artist-Run Centre as explained on our website.

Full Members must be able to demonstrate the payment of artist fees on a sustained and ongoing basis. As a general rule, the member organization must pay fees to the artists whose works are exhibited at levels equal to or greater than the rates established by the appropriate professional organization representing artists within the given discipline. This requirement does not preclude member organizations from occasionally presenting work in other contexts (e.g. fundraising auctions; uncurated members’ walls, etc.) provided that the exhibiting artists agree to waive the exhibition fees and that these exhibitions do not constitute a significant portion of the organization’s programming.

Organizations receiving annual operating grants from any arts council that requires payment of artist fees as a criterion of support will be automatically deemed to be demonstrating the payment of artist fees.

Full Members receive voting privileges and representatives of Full member organizations are eligible to join ARCCO’s Board of Directors.

Full Membership Fees are on a sliding scale based on the centre’s global budget. Please note that the ARCCO Travel Subsidy is automatically included within Full Membership Fees, and centres must also pay 13% HST on all fees (ARCCO BN # 89151 7419 RT0001).

Global Budget


Member Fee + 13% HST

$225.00 + $29.25
$250.00 + $32.50
$275.00 + $35.75
$300.00 + $39.00
$350.00 + $45.50
$400.00 + $52.00
$450.00 + $58.50



Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is open to all other types of arts organizations, and is the only category that may include organizations outside of the province of Ontario. Affiliate Membership is designed to strengthen ARCCO’s relationships provincially, nationally and internationally with other organizations that share its goals.

Affiliate membership is for organizations wishing to maintain a formal connection with the artist-run centre community and receive information disseminated by ARCCO in a direct and timely manner. Affiliate Membership also enables the broader arts community to participate in some of ARCCO’s valuable services such as the ARCCO/Halpenny Insurance Program. Affiliate membership can include, but is not exclusive to, other Art Service Organizations within the province of Ontario, organizations representing Artist-Run Centres in other regions of Canada, as well as community non-profit art organizations.

Affiliate Members are welcome to attend ARCCO’s annual general meetings, however they do not have voting privileges and cannot be elected to ARCCO’s Board of Directors.

The Affiliate Membership fee is $113 ($100+ 13% hst), regardless of the type of organization or global budget.


Supporters is a new category for individuals who are supportive of ARCCO’s mission, mandate and values, invited to make a donation to ARCCO rather than subscribe to a traditional membership. For more information, please contact the ARCCO Office:

arcco[at]bellnet[dot]ca /[at]gmail[dot]com