Tim Smith's work screening at SAW Gallery.


ARCCO currently represents 120+ member organizations in over 30 municipalities throughout the province of Ontario, Canada. Our growing collection of member organizations include artist-run centres, media arts centres, artist-run collectives, arts service organizations and community non-profit art organizations participating in some of our valuable services. Members are located in over 30 municipalities in 6 regions of Ontario and one region of Quebec (affiliate sister organization – Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec/RCAAQ). This covers a span of 2,000 kilometres, two official languages and a number of different cultures. Member organizations provide venues and programs throughout Ontario for all forms of contemporary art. Their diversified programs reach over 300,000 audience members per year. Together, they have over 10,000 artist members.

(62.5%) 26 artist-run centres

(22.50%)9 media arts centres

(7.50%) 3 art service organizations

(12.50%) 6 collectives

(10%) 4 francophone organizations

( 5%) 2 bilingual

(10%) 4 culturally diverse

(2.5) 1 aboriginal

35 centres – Southern Ontario

11 centres – Eastern Ontario

3 centres – Northern Ontario


Member Demographics: reflective of the vast number of artists, and the diverse cultural communities that live in Toronto, there is a high concentration of artist-run centres and media art centres serving these communities and hence member organizations based in Toronto. In cities in the outlying regions such as Northern Ontario, our member organizations are quite often the only artist-run centre in their city and region and their importance as a venue/incubator for emerging innovative practice, and meeting space for younger artists and audiences takes on an even greater significance.