Events | Thursday, November 12, 2015


Opening Reception
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Location: A Space Gallery, 401 Richmond Street West, suite #110
Generously hosted by ARCA, ARCCO and A Space Gallery
Sponsored by: Mill Street Brewery and Cinnamon Girls Catering

Will you be in Toronto for Artists at the Center: Moving from the Margins to Inclusion?

The Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCA) in collaboration with Artist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario (ARCCO) are pleased to join A Space Gallery in inviting members of our network to an opening reception to be held Thursday November 12, from 5 to 7 pm, as part of the 401 Richmond gallery crawl featuring A Space Gallery, Gallery 44, YYZ Artists Outlet, Open Studio, Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Trinity Square Video and imagiNATIVE. Come join ARCA’s board members representing the nine artist-run associations from across Canada, and ARCCO’s organising team as we raise a glass to inaugurate Artists at the Center: Moving from the Margins to Inclusion.

401 Richmond Street Gallery Crawl and Cinq à Sept
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m
Location: 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Participants of Artists at the Center are invited to a cinq à sept at the following artist-run centres and galleries located within the 401 Richmond Street building between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., followed by a Screening and Launch for Journal of Curatorial Studies at Trinity Square Video from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

A Space Gallery A Space Gallery
401 Richmond Street West – Suite #110

We did everything adults would do. What went wrong?
Artists: Johanna Householder & Frances Leeming. Curator: Taryn Sirove

For We did everything grown-ups would do. What went wrong? film, video, and performance artists Johanna Householder and Frances Leeming have produced a collaborative media work that considers adult representations of children in conflict in two twentieth century films: Wee Willie Winkie (1937) and Lord of the Flies (1963). Reworking footage from these allegorical films for expansionist notions of civilization versus savagery, the artists put the two iconic protagonists—Winkie (Shirley Temple) and Piggy (Hugh Edwards)—into dialogue. In a double-channel video projection the artists unravel an uncanny pattern of almost shot-for-shot similarities between the two films, isolating narrative constructions that betray the way we as adults symbolically project our own anxieties and ambitions onto figures of children, here using Western colonial vocabularies around conflict and war.


Image credit: Johanna Householder and Frances Leeming, We did everything adults would do. What went wrong? Double-channel video projection, 2015.

Gallery 44 Gallery 44
401 Richmond Street West – Suite #120

All of the Places : Amalie Atkins, Jacynthe Carrier and Julie Favreau

Of all the places brings together three artists whose video, installation, performance and photography offer an intense and intimate invitation into imaginary, mysterious and science fiction-like worlds. Shared between Amalie Atkins, Julie Favreau and Jacynthe Carrier is not only the carefully choreographed movement of actor and object within hypnotic spaces but also what appears to be some unnamed fable or parable. Yet these allegories do not serve to edify or to moralize. Feats of strength or will are played out through the ritualized, slow and laboured interaction with and the movement and collection of seemingly symbolic objects. These ambiguous narratives meander through familiar and unfamiliar landscapes, never quite arriving at any one conclusion, but always reaching towards new possibilities.



Open Studio Open Studio
401 Richmond Street West – Suite #140

Au revoir: Nadine Bariteau | The Watchful Eye and the Tentative Hand: Sonya Filman
2014 – 2015 Scholarship/Fellowship Exhibitions

Open Studio is pleased to present the 2013-14 Scholarship/Fellowship Exhibitions from October 16 – November 21, 2015, featuring artists Nadine Bariteau (Nick Novak Fellowship) and Sonya Filman (Don Phillips Scholarship). Each year, Open Studio provides artists working in print media with both professional support and access to studio facilities to create new work during a one-year residency. As writer Amy Luo points out in the accompanying essay, although the work featured in these exhibitions is quite different, a common thread between them is Bariteau and Filman’s exploratory approach to printmaking, revisiting the medium in a way that is both provocative and current.

That Reminds Me of…: Shogo Okada
Showing Concurrently in the Print Sales Gallery

Shogo Okada’s work—with simple lines and colours, and no up or down, or left or right—criticizes people’s lack of consciousness. In the current cultural context of excess accumulation of information, in which people don’t think about what they are seeing, and just take in information passively, this exhibition aims to activate viewers, to stimulate attitudes, values and evaluation criteria.



Prefix Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art
401 Richmond Street West – Suite #124

The Soni ferrous Æther of the Land Beyond the Land Beyond: Charles Stankievech
Curated by Scott McLeod

Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art is pleased to present The Soni ferrous Æther of the Land Beyond the Land Beyond, the first solo exhibition in Toronto of work created by multidisciplinary artist Charles Stankievech. Curated by Scott McLeod, the show features a 35mm film installation produced during the artist’s residency at the Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert, along with a selection of accompanying artifacts. As such, this exhibition represents the first time that the installation has been exhibited with all of its constituent elements.






YYZ Artists’ Outlet
401 Richmond Street West – Suite #140

voz-à-voz / voice-à-voice
Presented by e-fagia organization and YYZ Artists’ Outlet. Co-presented by imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. Curated by Maria Alejandrina Coates and Julieta Maria

Artists: The exhibition features artwork by micha cárdenas, Tings Chak, Alexandra Gelis, Gita Hashemi, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Julie Nagam, and Skawennati. The publication features texts by Lindsey Catherine Cornum, David Garneau, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Heather Hermant, Nasrin Himada, Tarah Hogue, Yaniya Lee, Jessica MacCormack, Farrah Miranda, Wanda Nanibush, Gregory Volk.

This exhibition presents seven inter-media art projects that have been adapted for display in an online publication platform produced by e-fagia organization. Both the exhibition and the publication bring into relief the embodied experiences of Indigenous people and non-Indigenous racialized im/migrants across the political and geographical borders of North America. In reference to the French expression vis-à-vis, meaning face to face or in relation to, the exhibition voz-à-voz/voice-à-voice provides a space for the articulation of different voices in the context of creative narratives and the frameworks enabled by new media and digital technologies.


Image credit: Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Wintercount: Can’t Break Us, 2015. Video & Sound.

Visit for programming details.
Online publication at



Trinity Square Video Screening and Launch for Journal of Curatorial Studies
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Location: Trinity Square Video, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite #376

Screening: Under Pressur, curated by DisplayCult.
Artists: Maurice Benayoun, Björk, and Santiago Sierra

The editors of the Journal of Curatorial Studies invite you to celebrate the publication of three recent issues: “Latin American Curating and Exhibitions” (3.2+3), “China: Exhibitions and Display Culture” (4.1), and the newest open issue (4.2). Accompanying the launch will be Under Pressure, a screening of videos by Santiago Sierra and Streaming Museum. Sierra is best known for working with disenfranchised persons to critique power structures in art and society. NO, The Global Tour (2011), documents a sculpture Sierra created for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche that subsequently toured neighbourhoods and industrial sites devastated by the financial crisis. Two videos by Streaming Museum, a producer of interdisciplinary media projects, also will be presented: Björk’s Mutual Core (2012) as it was installed in Times Square, and Maurice Benayoun’s Emotion Forecast (2010). These works appropriate commercial advertising platforms to reconfigure urban space into a zone of intense music, visuals and emotionality. Refreshments will be served.


Image: Santiago Sierra, NO (2009), installation at Nuit Blanche, Toronto. Photo: courtesy of DisplayCult.