Artists at the Center Online Audio Presentation Archive – Test 2

Day 1 | Reimagining Engagement: Negotiating Relationships through Art

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Emelie Chhangur
Out of the Streets and into the Gallery

Individual Presentations
Michel Boutin
IPAC, The Indigenous Peoples Artist Collective: In the Middle, in Between

Michael Eddy
Pop up Revolution: World Portable Gallery Convention 2017

Justin Langlois
Eventual Vacancies: Artist-Run Activity and Non-Activity as Civic Engagement

Short Talks Reimagining Engagement
Presenters: Jonathan Middleton, Angela Loft, and Maggie Flyn


Day 2 | Art as Advocacy: Aligning, Activating and Achieving Change

Friday, November 13, 2015

Individual Presentations
Vicky Moufawad-Paul
Art as Activism

Rehab Nazzal
Political Art and Representation of the Unspeakable, Silenced, and Censored

Debate Artist-Run Centres Institutions or still accessible after all these years?
Moderator: Todd Janes
Debaters: Francisco-Fernando Granados and Andrew Harwood


Day 3 | Rethinking Inclusion: Towards more Representative Practices

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Andrea Fatona
It’s a Long Road

Individual Presentations David Bobier
Inclusionary Art Practices Through Adaptive Technologies

Zoƫ Chan and Mark Clintberg
Everyday Cooking, Cooking Every Day

Ancestors, Elders, Avatars and the Faces Yet To Come: An Intergenerational, Transemporal Activist Practice

Camille Turner
The Landscape of Forgetting: Animating Canada’s Hidden Black Geographies

Panel Discussion Understanding Inclusion as Exclusion
Moderator: Ellyn Walker
Presenters: Jack Wong, Syrus Marcus Ware, and Mary Tremonte

Debate When Artist-Run Culture falls down can it get back up again?
Moderator: Milada Kovacova
Debaters: Marvin Antonio and Andrew James Paterson
Film by John Porter, Seven Year Itch at The Funnel (1985)