ARCCO Online Audio Presentation Archive

Day 1 | Reimagining Engagement: Negotiating Relationships through Art

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Emelie Chhangur: Out of the Streets and into the Gallery


Justin Langlois: Eventual Vacancies: Artist-Run Activity and Non-Activity as Civic Engagement


Short Talks: Reimagining Engagement
Presenters: Jonathan Middleton, Angela Loft, and Maggie Flynn


Roundtable Discussion: Centres Without a Fixed Location
Moderator: Kim Simon
Presenters: Charlotte Panaccio-Letendre, Lori Blondeau, Maiko Tanaka & Emily Fitzpatrick


Michel Boutin: IPAC, The Indigenous Peoples Artist Collective: In the Middle, in Between


Michael Eddy: Pop up Revolution: World Portable Gallery Convention 2017


Debate: Role of the ‘Non-Artist’
Moderator: Jenna Faye Powell
Debaters: David Bobier and Savanah Sewell


Day 2 | Art as Advocacy: Aligning, Activating and Achieving Change

Friday, November 13, 2015

Bastien Gilbert: Qui fait l’ange fait la bête : être lobbyiste ou être angélique


Vicky Moufawad-Paul: Art as Activism


Rehab Nazzal: Political Art and Representation of the Unspeakable, Silenced, and Censored


Debate: Artist-Run Centres: Institutions or still accessible after all these years?
Moderator: Todd Janes
Debaters: Francisco-Fernando Granados and Andrew Harwood


Day 3 | Rethinking Inclusion: Towards more Representative Practices

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Andrea Fatona: It’s a Long Road


Skawennati: Ancestors, Elders, Avatars and the Faces Yet To Come: An Intergenerational, Trans-temporal Activist Practice


David Bobier: Inclusionary Art Practices Through Adaptive Technologies


Zoë Chan and Mark Clintberg: Everyday Cooking, Cooking Every Day


Debate: When Artist-Run Culture falls down can it get back up again?
Moderator: Milada Kovacova
Debaters: Marvin Luvualu Antonio and Andrew James Paterson
Film by John Porter: Seven Year Itch at The Funnel (1985)


Camille Turner: The Landscape of Forgetting: Animating Canada’s Hidden Black Geographies


Panel Presentation: Understanding Inclusion as Exclusion
Moderator: Ellyn Walker
Presenters: Jack Wong, Syrus Marcus Ware, and Mary Tremonte