PASO Coalition

In January 2007, ARCCO initiated ad hoc PASO meetings (provincial arts service organizations) in Ontario. Inspired by the work of the M.A.L, a coalition of Quebec based provincial arts service organizations, ARCCO partnered with OAAG, and initiated informal ad hoc meetings with fellow Provincial Arts Service Organizations which is now established as the PASO Coalition.
(On behalf of ARCCO, Jewell Goodwyn has served as the ad hoc Chair, since January 2007)

*The M.A.L. is a coalition of provincial art service organizations in Quebec which formed in 2003; their greatest accomplishment to date has been to increase funding to the Quebec Arts Council by $43 million.

All of the participating provincial ASOs have responded with a keen sense of collaboration, demonstrating their leadership on particular issues, generously sharing resources, information, rotating the workload with research, letter writing and attending meetings, with the Minister of Culture, etc. (where only a small group of representatives can attend).

Through ongoing communications and meetings (teleconferences, list-serve, email transmissions and face to face meetings), the Ontario provincial arts service organizations have united their advocacy efforts and worked collectively to champion key issues affecting their respective memberships. The common goals of this group of provincial arts service organizations is to build a stronger profile for the arts and increase funding to the arts in Ontario.

Note: Advocacy Initiatives and letter writing* have been done by committee (4-5) with one organization* usually taking the lead. Letters and initiatives/actions are then vetted and approved upon within the larger group. On average, approximately 10-12 organizations participate in the monthly teleconferences and bi-annual face to face to meetings. 23 provincial arts service organizations are currently signatories on the PASO Coalition letters.

In Ontario, ARCCO has fostered partnerships, working relationships, as well as close ties and affiliations with provincial ASOs, such as: OAAG, CARFAC Ontario, ArtsBuild Ontario, CCCO, where our communities intersect, overlap, have similar issues, needs, and challenges. Through the pooling of our resources, we provide services, create programs, address gaps within the community, as well as advocate on behalf of our respective constituents.